The Michigan Supreme Court has appointed Judge D to be Chief of the 48th District Court for four terms. As Chief, she has made saving tax dollars a focus of her work. She improved efficiency, consolidated departments, reduced staff by 10%, and more –resulting in a savings of over $1.7 million which is a conservative estimate. When her secretary retired 10 years ago, she eliminated the position to save tax dollars. While it increased her workload, she felt it was important to lead by example for the staff and enforce the message that she wasn’t immune from sacrifice.

Judge D has ordered over $360,000 in restitution to be paid back to crime victims, to businesses that were defrauded, and to homeowners and individuals who were victimized by wrongdoers.

For offenders that merit community service instead of incarceration, she has sentenced individuals to over 147,337 hours of service to clean our roads, parks, churches, schools, etc., translating into well over a million dollars of labor being put back into our communities.