“Victims of crime have many rights and must be given a voice in the courtroom. I encourage victims to speak at sentencing, whether they seek to confront their abuser, inform me of their injuries or seek restitution for theft. I have ordered criminal defendants to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars back to individuals
and businesses that were harmed.”

-Judge Diane D’Agostini

Dear Judge D’Agostini,
October 25, 2017

I am writing to say thank you. A great understatement for the life you gave back to me. If you had not removed my now ex-husband from the house in January for one year, I would most likely be dead right now and my boys would be without a mom. And that’s the assessment of professionals, not mine.
I have started and stopped writing this letter several times over the years as I work through the fear of emerging into the world as a whole person again. I have done a lot of great therapy at— and now I’m also taking a wonderful course, —. It’s about how a 5 second decision can change the direction of your life-like the one you made for me. What I am learning is helping me to find the confidence to take action and not be paralyzed by fear. The course assignment this week is to write to someone who has had an impact on you and you immediately came to mind.
Please know how grateful my boys and I are for your decision to give me the physical space I needed to regroup and start to make healthy and smart decisions.
Thank you again for your wisdom and foresight to know the right thing to do and having the courage to do it. You set a great example for what judges can do to change lives for the better.

-Victim of Domestic Violence

Dear Judge D’Agostini,
December 15, 2016

Hello and Happy Holidays!
I have been meaning to write this letter for some time. I didn’t want the holiday season to pass by without letting you know that you made a significant positive impact on my family and me.
In 2014 and early 2015, my family was stalked and threatened by —. After many months of heartache and stress, you sentenced —to jail for her actions….Since her sentencing, our lives have gone “back to normal”. It was a horrible time for us – we lost our sense of security. …You truly made a difference to us. You stood up for my kids and their rights. You made us feel heard, understood and protected.
Prior to this situation, I never experienced the court system. You gave me great confidence in the system and I am proud to have you at the helm at the 48th District Court.
From the bottom of my heart, Thank You! I will never forget what you did for my kids and my family.

-Victim of Stalking

Dear Judge D’Agostini,
October 11, 2011

I am writing this letter to simply thank you for one of the best summers I have had in the past 16 years of my life. You presided over a case involving—, who is very mentally unstable and has been harassing and stalking my family and I for years.
Your stern, but fair communication and sentence for _____ enabled my family to have a normal summer. We were able to be outside on our grass and on our driveway and we were not yelled at or stared at. My children and I could take walks without worrying about being followed by____.
Again, I simply wanted to thank you for restoring normalcy to the life of my family. I realize you have a very difficult job enforcing the law and it must even be harder when you are dealing with someone who is mentally ill.

-Victim of stalking